Environmental Stewardship
Our responsibility

Deforestation is a major contributor to climate change. We continue to take steps to ensure that raw materials, such as wood-based packaging materials and palm oil, are sourced responsibly.

Paper packaging

We have been working with the Rainforest Alliance to map risk in our paper packaging supply chain. We used this analysis to support our sourcing standard for packaging, and we regularly assess suppliers to ensure they meet the standard2. We set a 2025 goal to source at least 90% of our paper packaging from responsible sources. We are continuing our focus on responsible packaging and are now aiming to source 100% of our paper packaging from responsible sources by 2030.

Plastic packaging

The packaging of our products plays an important role in delivering safe, stable, and trusted medicines, vaccines, and consumer healthcare products. However, we recognize the impact that plastic packaging has on the environment.

We are working on a plan to reduce our plastic packaging, making it recyclable, and exploring how we increase the use of recycled plastic content, recognizing that medical regulations around the world place significant constraints on the use of recycled materials.

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