Our Business Value
About us


Our research team is focused on developing new drug formulations for existing and newer drug products and improving the existing products. Our researchers work to improve the lives of millions of people by their innovations developed to tackle the threatening disorders around the world. We have earned a name for keeping up world-class quality over our entire manufacturing units.


Our products reflect our emphasis on development including TABLETS, DRY POWDER INHALATION (DPI) line, SACHETS, CAPSULE, and SYRUP. We stay focused on giving affordable pharmaceutical products of worldwide quality to patients everywhere. Our quality in worldwide markets encourages us in being receptive to local treatment needs while continuously enhancing our worldwide product offering. At torque, each item is intended to be the best in the market.


We have a highly motivated and experienced team that ensures that each and every product manufactured and distributed by us complies with international standards of quality and safety that are expected of a global pharmaceutical company. We make good health available to the underestimated networks and society. With dynamic hands-on work, committed research, and dedicated efforts of the individuals who work in the background to battle illness and ailment, we help the greatest number of individuals as we can to guarantee their entitlement to health.

Human Welfare

To manufacture and make readily available, affordable medicines that are adept for the prevention and treatment of diseases.

Corporate Responsibility

We are well-versed with the expectations and trust that our customers and stakeholders place in us and work towards getting them the best returns with the assurance of a healthier world. As, a global health care system, we care for our partners, work with high respectability and transparency. It’s our duty to set a good example by the way we lead our business. Our work ensures consistency with global quality standards.

Social Responsibility

Towards society, we feel an immense sense of responsibility to improve the quality of life for our patients through our innovative formulations which we strive to continuously improve. We persistently focus on customer needs and stay committed to working for the welfare of our customers enhancing our contribution towards society.


When our products aim to alleviate pain and misery through medicine, we make double sure that they adhere to the highest standards of quality expected out of them.


Innovation is the only pathway to satisfy the necessities of the healthcare system and increasing our share in eradicating public health threats. By putting in ample R&D efforts, we innovate and develop new products that are world-class in the aspect of efficiency, usability, and affordability.


Honesty and integrity are the paramount core quality that engenders trust, which is the cornerstone of our business.